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MatrixTech Coding System

In response to the industry’s growing focus on modular integration, the demand for riveting has increased in terms of mobility, diversity, lead times, versatility, and customization.

MatrixTech’s updated digit coding system and commonality matrix mold columns achieve precise riveting, and reliability while reducing labor, raw material consumption, and carbon emissions.

MatrixTech coding system machine
Product features

Space innovation

The space-saving machine enhances factory space utilization and lowers electricity consumption.

Matrix encoding system

The encoding system allows operators to easily switch production by simply following database, increasing production efficiency.

Significant Lightweighting of Molds/Fixtures

Reducing time and cost of large mold production for more efficient product launches.

ESG Sustainability

We aim to achieve sustainable corporate goals by reducing mold usage, minimizing manufacturing, and enhancing automation to reduce resource consumption, conserve energy, and cut carbon emissions.

Rapid Sample Delivery

Utilizing a variety of shared fixtures to expedite sampling timelines and accelerate time-to-market.

Smart factory

Through the establishment of an encoding database, which can accumulate production experience, expand the scale of manufacturing tool sharing, and drive cost reduction, enabling clients to gain a rapid market-leading advantage.