SMT Stud – The Square Bottom Designs with Anti-rotation, Provides High Reliability

LongCloud is dedicated to continuous product innovation.  We introduce the SMT Stud, a revolutionary design that incorporates Surface Mount Technology (SMT) for installing studs onto PCBs. This innovation offers significant advantages over the traditional screw and nut solution. It not only enhances operational ease and locking efficiency but also mitigates the risk of component loss, as the SMT Stud is securely affixed to the board during the manufacturing process.


∞ SMT Stud

The square bottom design of the LongCloud SMT Stud serves to prevent material rotation and enhance torque, ensuring 100% reliability. Furthermore, the Stud offers a guide and alignment function, streamlining the installation process for increased convenience and efficiency.

The SMT soldering process eliminates concerns related to punching and minimizes the risk of PCB damage, achieving maximum yield through automated production. In the manufacturing facility, the utilization of a vacuum nozzle simplifies the process of picking up the SMT Stud from the tray and placing it onto the corresponding tin solder. The subsequent tin heating and cooling stages complete the assembly of the SMT Stud. Automated manufacturing not only reduces labor costs but also maximizes overall productivity. The SMT Stud is customizable and available in various specifications, catering to diverse needs. We can efficiently meet your requirements for quick installation and disassembly of PCBs across different modules.

LongCloud upholds a commitment to high-quality standards. Our dedication to quality control spans the entire production process, from design and manufacturing to Tray delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction and earning reliable recommendations. LongCloud offers a range of design ideas and welcomes discussions to collaboratively find solutions that optimize work efficiency. By working together, we can uncover unexpected time and effort-saving benefits for your chassis.


Four Advantages of SMT Stud :

– Automated manufacturing fully helps save labor costs and maximize productivity
– The square bottom design of SMT Stud can prevent the material from rotating and increase the torque, providing 100% reliability
– SMT soldering process improves product reliability
– SMT Stud is open to customization and also provides a variety of specs to choose from

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