SMT Angle Lock – Meets Locking Requirements of All Axial Directions

The LongCloud SMT Angle Lock is a fully automated SMT soldering component designed to be securely held in place by a vacuum nozzle positioned above it. It undergoes the heating and cooling processes within the soldering furnace to achieve a seamless installation. The tin melts and solidifies, finalizing the assembly. This surface-attached configuration reduces the risk of PCB damage, and the fully automated production ensures maximum efficiency for high output.

∞ SMT Angle Lock


The unique design of the SMT Angle Lock enables the screw and nut to secure at a right angle to the board’s fixing direction. This feature allows for the quick installation of expansion cards in the chassis or securing modules with different axial orientations without needing an L-shaped iron plate. It also allows for the use of a counter lock. This innovative design simplifies the process of securely locking various modules and boards in tight spaces and reduces the number of components needed. The base of the SMT Angle Lock incorporates a double-cut edge and anti-rotation functions, enhancing the reliability of the locking torque. Furthermore, this product can be locked in both directions. Depending on the specific configurations of modules, the Angle Nut can effectively utilize nearly every inch of available space.


The LongCloud SMT Angle Lock series offers customized services encompassing various heights and configurations. The nuts are well-suited for the vertical installation of board-end modules, ensuring efficient assembly and disassembly on the PCB.


5 Advantages of SMT Angle Lock:
– Provides different axial locking directions, reducing the number of parts and saving more space
– The leading end is chamfered to prevent rotation, enhancing the reliability
– Two-sides locking to provide applications with less limit
– Automated production improves stability and reduces labor cost
– Customization design available

Here’s our demo video below↓↓↓

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