SMT Angle Guide Pin –Designed for accurate positioning.

Long Cloud places a strong emphasis on product creativity and continuous innovation. In line with this commitment, we are excited to introduce our latest offering – the SMT Angle Guide Pin. This innovative product is specifically designed to fulfill the requirements of precise alignment and positioning.

∞ SMT Angle Guide Pin


The SMT Angle Guide Pin is engineered to deliver accurate alignment and positioning, ensuring seamless attachment of parts and connectors to the PCB. Distinguishing itself from standard Guide Pins, the SMT Angle Guide Pin boasts an innovative design that effectively prevents part rotation during alignment. It can be easily positioned and securely affixed in the designated location, maintaining the connected parts in a consistent direction through its alignment function. Furthermore, it also accommodates vertical board fixing applications.

Employing fully automated Surface Mount Technology involves using a vacuum nozzle to suction the part from above, accurately placing it onto the corresponding tin solder. Subsequently, the product is affixed to the PCB by melting the solder paste in a tin furnace. This comprehensive automation in production not only minimizes labor costs but also enhances production efficiency, ensuring consistent reliability and stability.

As represented in the video, the installation of the SMT Angle Guide Pin on the PCB enables swift positioning in the assembly process. This ensures that the parts remain consistently oriented without rotation, contributing to an enhancement in production efficiency.

Long Cloud offers a comprehensive range of mechanical designs. Our collection of innovative quick-release mechanism products is designed to deliver unforeseen time and effort savings to your designs, optimizing overall work efficiency. We welcome the opportunity to engage in discussions and collaborate on sharing your ideas!


Long Cloud SMT Angle Guide Pin
– SMT soldering process improves product reliability.
– Automated manufacturing production provides stability and maximizes productivity.
– Special cutting-edge design can prevent parts from rotating.
– Precise and quick positioning, suitable for vertical board installation.
– Customization available.

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