Pull Handle – Various Handle Application Solutions On Motherboard

Are you currently seeking a solution for relocating the motherboard? LongCloud offers a range of versatile multi-function pull handles that can provide the answer you’re looking for! Here, we present several of LongCloud’s motherboard solutions that integrate both fastening and handle functions. These options offer a diverse set of design ideas and application possibilities, accommodating various space limitations to meet your specific needs.

Suggestion 1- Specially Designed Pull Handle to Lift PCB

∞ The T-shaped handle 

The T-shaped handle provides easy placement and pulling using two fingers, offering an excellent operational feel.


∞ The circular handle

The circular handle allows for easy operation and pulling from any angle.


∞ The U-handle

The U-handle features a highly intuitive design with a spacious grip area, capable of supporting heavy PCB loads.


Suggestion 2 – Round Telescopic Spring Handle With Locking Function

The circular retractable handle, equipped with screws, effectively secures the motherboard and MLB Tray, allowing for easy simultaneous lifting of both. Moreover, the pull handle features an internal spring telescopic structure, designed to save space by achieving the most compact configuration when in the released position. When the handle is lifted, the spring compresses, providing extra hand space and improving operational convenience.

∞ SMT Lift Handle

LongCloud offers a range of handle shapes designed for flexibility, effortless pulling, automatic rebound, and equipped with fastening functionality.


Suggestion 3 – Smart Angle Handle

The Smart Angle Handle is initially positioned in a low-profile state, set laterally, and retracted for efficient space utilization. In operation, the hinge structure allows the handle to lift upwards, giving more room for your hand and avoiding any accidental interference with the motherboard that could lead to short circuits. The Smart Angle Handle also incorporates a spring mechanism that adds extra length, making it more user-friendly and convenient to operate.

∞ The Smart Angle Handle

Various specialized handles are designed with ergonomics in mind, and the multi-functional pull handles come with a plastic covering to prevent scalding and electric shock. The color can be customized to align with the company’s branding. The riveting form can also be tailored to meet client requirements, including options such as press-in, flare-in, floating, and SMT.


Five Advantages of Pull Handle :

– Good helper for lifting the motherboard
– Provide a variety of corresponding styles according to different space needs
– Both fastening and lifting functions
– Anti-scalding and anti-electricity plastic layer
– Color and riveting forms can be customized

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