Low Profile Folding Handle – Space-Saving Handle

To increase flexibility and creativity in mechanical design, LongCloud develops a whole new Low Profile Folding Handle. The foldable fixed storage function enables the mechanical space to be used more effectively, avoids huge vibration and shaking sounds when the chassis is working or moving and helps reduce misjudgment during maintenance operations.

LongCloud Low Profile Folding Handle designs with a two-stage travel design, allows the handle to be folded at 90 degrees. The built-in spring structure makes users fix it in a vertical position with a slight twist, then lift the T-shaped handle for pulling and moving: The T-shaped structure design is ergonomic, and only needs two fingers to lift, providing a faster, more convenient, and smoother operating feel.

Installing the Low Profile Handle on the panel not only provides intuitive, convenient, and humanized operation and helps space-saving, but more importantly, it brings a perfect creative design to the new generation of servers!

Besides, the Low Profile Folding Handle can combine with our Latch Lock. As long as we increase the length of Pin, the positioning and unlocking function can be added to the handle to quickly fix the two lateral panels. It demonstrates intuitive operation and high recognition degree. Its foolproof effect is obvious, killing two birds with one stone!
The plastic material of the Handle not only helps anti-scalding and anti-electricity, but the color is customized available.

LongCloud provides a series of innovative quick-release mechanism products to bring unexpected time-saving and labor-saving effects to your chassis and optimize work efficiency. Welcome to discuss your creative ideas with us!


LongCloud Low Profile Folding Handle:
– A good helper to draw various modules and PCBs
– The T-shaped structure design is ergonomic and only needs two fingers to lift
– The foldable fixed storage function helps save mechanical space
– It can combine with the function of Latch Lock for easy positioning
– Customized available

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