LongCloud Retractive Handle – High Rebound, High Quality, High Load-bearing

In response to the escalating volume of data, data centers have been established globally to accommodate extensive information on servers. As the demands for server chassis differ, LongCloud has specifically crafted a Retractive handle with high load-bearing capacity for heavier chassis. A singular Retractive handle can support approximately 70 kg. By installing four Retractive handles, as depicted in the photo, it becomes feasible to maneuver a chassis weighing up to 280 kg. This significantly enhances product performance when compared to ordinary handles.

Another significant attribute of the Retractive handle is its automatic rebound feature, which ensures it lies flat against the surface of the chassis. This eliminates the extra noise during transportation or movement of the rack. Our Retractive handle is precision-engineered to be ultra-flat, it even offers a concave option during the NPI stage to seamlessly blend into the surface without protruding. Customize your Retractive handle in terms of size, material, and color to suit your preferences. Rigorous load-bearing and pull tests before shipment guarantee top-notch performance, making it the smart choice for your chassis’s exterior handle.


Advantages of LongCloud Retractive Handle:

– High load-bearing, up to 70 kg per handle
– Automatic rebound function, stick the handle to flat the chassis, and will not cause extra shake noise
– The flat design with the concave design will not make the handle protrude from the surface
– The plastic part outside the handle can prevent scalding and electricity
– Can be customized according to customer identification color

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