Hinge Handle – T-shaped design handle with an excellent operating feeling

With the significant growth in cloud access and computing across various industries in recent years, the need for servers has consistently increased. To meet the demands of handling large user volumes and upgrading operating environments in this booming server demand, LongCloud Engineering has undertaken a comprehensive exploration of user interaction. As a result, we introduced the Hinge Handle, possessing the same functionality as the Smart Folding Handle, enabling a 90-degree positioning but featuring a distinct operating style. This design allows for the effortless and rapid extraction of various modules or boards.

The Hinge Handle from LongCloud features a unique T-shaped pull ring design that is ergonomic, requiring only two fingers for operation. The hinge design allows it to be folded 90 degrees, lying flat against the chassis and saving space. Additionally, when transporting or relocating the chassis, the Hinge Handle minimizes vibration and noise, preventing disturbances caused by shaking.

The Hinge Handle can be paired with a Latch Lock at the rear, enhancing the capability to position the back panel.

Effortless Operation, Enhanced Safety of Hinge Handle

As demonstrated in the video, effortlessly place two fingers in the intuitively designed inner groove to easily pull and lift. The Hinge Handle, coated with plastic, enhances the operating experience and serves as protection against both scalding and electricity. Additionally, the color can be tailored to match your identification preferences.

LongCloud offers a comprehensive range of mechanical designs, and our innovative quick-release mechanism products can introduce unforeseen time and effort-saving benefits to your design, optimizing overall work efficiency. We invite you to share your ideas and engage in discussions with us!

LongCloud Five Advantages of Hinge Handle:
– A good helper for drawing the board
– T-shaped design, ergonomic, easy to operate with two fingers
– Can be folded and flat to the chassis, which saves space
– Cover with plastic which can prevent scalding and electricity
– Customization available

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