High Torque SMT Nut – Cutting Edge Design Provides High Anti-rotation Reliability

The Long Cloud High Torque SMT Solder Stop Nut is designed for threading applications above M4. Featuring a bottom cutting-edge design, it delivers superior anti-rotation torque. The installation process is both convenient and efficient, requiring only the cutting of an edge hole on the panel, after which the installation is completed automatically.

The anti-rotation High Torque SMT Nut is an automated SMT solder component. It utilizes a vacuum nozzle to pick up SMT parts from the reel and precisely positions them on the corresponding tin solder. The assembly process involves going through the tin heating and cooling stages to achieve completion. By opting for the SMT process over the Press-fit method, the risk of PCB damage is mitigated, and overall yield is maximized through a fully automated production system.

Anti-rotation High Torque SMT Nut offers customization options to meet your specific requirements for PCB installation and disassembly.


Excellence in Every Step: Long Cloud’s Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Long Cloud upholds a commitment to high-quality standards. Throughout the entire production process, from design and manufacturing to delivery, our production line undergoes rigorous quality control. This dedication to quality has earned us praise and reliable recommendations from satisfied customers.

We offer a range of design ideas and invite you to engage in discussions with us. Let’s collaborate to find solutions that not only optimize work efficiency but also deliver unexpected time and effort-saving benefits to your chassis!

Four Advantages of High Torque SMT Solder Stop Nut :
– Automated manufacturing production helps save labor costs and maximize productivity
– The bottom cutting-edge design provides high anti-rotation reliability
– SMT soldering process improves product reliability
– Customization is available and provides a variety of specs to choose from

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