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LongCloud sustained reinforces product design, sample design and prototyping capacity.

During product design stage, engineering staff in need to run safety tests and endurance tests for early sample design, to ensure the sample specifications measurement accuracy. LongCloud has demonstrates complete range of test equipment to cope with variety of testing needs.

LongCloud own Lab testing center – when the output of each part material element new design, we provide precision measurement to recording unit via the parts necessary engineering data report; our lab provides vibration testing, thrust testing, torque testing, hardness testing, endurance testing, material resistance testing; Thin film coating measuring the most precise small-diameter or dual coatings. X-ray fluoresce thickness of precious metals; Metallographic microscope CCD equipped for metal parts surface treatment for its microstructure metal material image to ensure quality control; Automated optical inspection-AOI strict exam and optical screen inspect each part component’s accuracy.

CNC Center

Computer Numerical Control CNC

During product sample stage, engineering staff in need to response customer for sample intend, sample proofing, prototype model correction, precision measuring finalization. LongCloud has assets CNC equipment to cope with variety of special parts fast prototyping, tooling and automated manufacturing.

CNC system consists of three basic components: part program ,MCU and Machine tool (lathe,drill,press,milling machine etc. Automated machine tools – turning center and machining center which change the cutting tools automatically under CNC control. The benefits of CNC are high accuracy, short production, manufacturing flexibility.

CNC Center

Automated Optical Inspection-AOI

Automated Optical Inspection-AOI, high-speed high-precision optical image detection system, using machine vision technology as testing method can improve shortcomings of labor inspection method.

AOI machine is an industrial system with optical instruments made surface condition of finished products and then to computer image processing techniques to filter foreign objects or patterns detected abnormalities and other defects.

AOI technology combined with optical sensing systems, signal processing systems and analysis software, currently used in factory production and qualitytesting to screen for machine tool and screw component of defective parts and metal surface abnormal state of the optical detection device.

1. Detection accuracy: + / – 1 Pixel
2. CCD Camera
3. Detection speed depends on size

Automated Optical Inspection-AOI

Metallographic Microscope CCD

Point out Metallographic Microscope CCD equipped for metal parts surface treatment for its microstructure image. Microscopy imaging of metal specific tissues can be observed electroplated coating if is saturated and uniform treated. To the Product Control Management, MMCCD is to look for Quality Degree Resistance.

Metallographic Microscope CCD

Image Dimension Measurement System

The IM Series Instant Measurement System is an automated optical comparator that can perform up to 99 dimensional measurements in 3 seconds or less at the push of a button. The unit also automatically records measurement data and creates detailed inspection reports. We have large or more space for multiple small parts. The unit also has a built-in automated height gauge for Z-axis measurements.

  • Measure larger targets on the 300x200mm stage
  • Measure a large amount of parts simultaneously
  • Measure height and depth
Image Dimension Measurement System

Thin Film Coating Measuring Instrument

X-ray fluorescence is the most precise measurement method, especially for small-diameter ../parts/, or dual coatings. X-ray fluorescence can analysis thickness of precious metals.

Sample types: plating, coating, film solution (element content of the bath)
Simultaneous determination of five layers / 15 elements / coexisting elements
Materials and alloying elements analysis
Spectrum than four samples simultaneously display
Detectable range of elements: Ti (22) ~ U (92)

LongCloud as professional manufacturer of metal surface treatment can benefit from this advanced technology by measuring coating thickness and metal composition.
It is high accuracy, good stability, powerful statistical functions, wide measurement range and NIST certification standard sheet.

Thin Film Coating Measuring Instrument

Portable RoHS Testing Instrument

Multi-element testing instrument: test range- alloy mode
The world’s leading portable XRF technology
By using ultra-miniature X-ray tube excitation sources, this analyzer revolutionizes the user’s speed and efficiency for RoHS testing. This product is specifically designed to detect harmful elements such as cadmium (Cd) and lead (Pb) in metals and metals in product samples

Unit of measurement results


Unit of measurement results

High-performance Si-PIN detector, Peltier cooler

Resolution: Better than 220eV

Limits: 2 sigma (95% confidence-intervals)

Unit of measurement results

The data can also be easily converted to a tabular report via the E-Form barcode scanner or through a computer using the RS232 interface and cable.

  • RoHS Test
  • Heavy metal content detection

The XRF testing can be used as a screening checkpoint at every stage of production to reduce the risk of misuse of non-RoHS materials. With a switchable dots detection function, the solder point and other details of the detection has a higher focusing ability. XRF analyzer optional point detection function, the detection range can be as small as 3mm. Element analyzers are used in a wide range of applications, in addition to materials testing, environmental regulations (RoHS). LongCloud qualified testing engineers using the XRF analyzer, engineers must obtain training course of radioactive material or can-occur free radiation equipment operator.

Portable RoHS Testing Instrument

Thermal Cycle Testing

Programmable temperature & humidity chamber-

constant temperature and humidity system, simulation of the atmosphere for product reliability tests for the various changes of the temperature and humidity: wet freezing test, high and low temperature adaptability, stability storage, high temperature and high humidity test, condensation test, low temperature and low humidity test, moisture resistance, insulation test, metal corrosion test.

System capacity

can log in 150 sets of programs × 1500 segments, the number of segments can be optional divided, the program can be cross intersected

Cycle setting

9999 × 999 times of cycles can be executed, and can be cut out of five separate parts of the cycle

Control mode

intelligent PID + SSR / SCR positive and negative bi-directional synchronous output, including advanced slope control logic

Data setting

touch panel dialog set mode, easy to operate, built-in directory data management system

Curve drawing

When temperature and humidity and time data set is completed, can immediately turn into the set curve, the operation can get the actual curve drawing of the operation curve

Time signal

3 sets of timing control output interface, with 10 kinds of time control mode, easy to implement external drive components
on / off timing plan

End of the temperature

in the completion of the test, can choose to return to the normal temperature of the state, in order to facilitate the test material removed

Safety inspection

15 full-featured system detection, to ensure the safety of the machine running and can automatically display the failure time, the project and the elimination of countermeasures

Abnormal traceback

can display the historical data of the record failure, such as the past has occurred in the cause of the failure and the time of the statistical record

External protection

independent of the main controller of the electronic over-temperature protection device, can set the temperature over limit of the measured object protection

Communication interface

RS-232 and RS-485 with the standard communication interface device, with PC multi-machine on-line control and management

Data recording device

data recording device to replace the traditional expensive paper feed recorder; with self-diagnostic function, the recording interval is optional

In the product life cycle, may face a variety of environmental conditions, making the product fragile resulting in product damage or failure, thereby affecting the reliability of the product. This test simulates the ambient temperature variability and makes a series of high and low temperature cycling tests on temperature changes. The purpose of which is to exert stress on the specimen to accelerate the aging factor of the specimen so that the specimen may cause damage to the system equipment and components under environmental factors to determine whether the specimen is properly designed or manufactured.

    • Test features:
      The electrical function of the product
      Lubricant deteriorates and loses its lubrication
      Loss of mechanical strength, resulting in rupture, cracks
      Material deterioration caused by chemical effects
    • Applications:
      Product Environmental Simulation Test
      Product Stress Life Test (Strife test)
      PCB solder joint acceleration stress test (ALT / AST)
Thermal Cycle Testing