LongCloud is an innovative pioneer driving advances in mechanism assembling

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Long Cloud Engineering is an innovative pioneer driving advances in mechanism assembling. We offer integrated management services of mechanism components, quick-release modules, thermal/cooling modules, and multi-functional equipment. We posses outstanding innovation and development capabilities to create the best user experience to our customer.

We firmly believe that based on a logic-driven shared module design and planning, the synergy between matrix mold columns, hardware, and software from the encoding database represents the optimal pathway to achieve energy-efficient shared module applications and enhance automation efficiency.


We adhere to the highest environmental、social, and governance (ESG) standards throughout our operations and management. We believe that by integrating ESG into our core values and practices, we can achieve extraordinary and shape a sustainable future.

In the future of smart factories, we believe that environmental sustainability and efficiency can go hand in hand. MatrixTech Coding System is an integrated technology and a tangible manifestation of our commitment to environmental preservation and sustainability.

Tailor-made design capability

Customize design capability to present fully functional and validate solutions based on your unique application needs.

Industry-leading problem solver

We tackle complex industrial challenges, provide the optimal solution with cutting-edge design combined with manufacturing experience.

Makes your design alive

From the initial spark of concept to the last detail, Our technical specialists provide fully assistance for fast market delivery.

Go beyond perfection

Through a trusty partnership, we support customers to reduce assembly hours and costs and to achieve extraordinary during every step of OEM/ODM/JDM(Joint Design Manufacture) journey.